X-Ray Power Supplies

100W, +/-40kV OEM X-Ray Power Supply

Our engineers based in the UK have extensive experience in the design and manufacture of High Voltage power supplies for X-Ray generation.  With power levels from 50W to 3kW and voltages up to 160kV, our engineers will tailor each design to suit our customer's requirements.


In addition to our own design capability, Power Conversion Technology is the exclusive representitive for the USA based companies, Universal Voltronics and Sourceray Inc. offering voltages up to 450kV






                                                                                                                           Source-Ray is a leading Developer, Manufacturer and Supplier of Innovative Diagnostic Medical Imaging Equipment for Healthcare Professionals. Source-Ray also supplies integrated diagnostic x-ray sources to Original Equipment Manufacturers for Medical, Analytical and Industrial markets.


The Sourceblock is a modern technology that integrates an X-ray tube and a  high voltage generator into one physical package.


SourceBlock is appropriate for all medical and industrial x-ray applications, including EDS. It is also well suited for NDT or x-ray analysis (including food inspection)or analytical x-ray (XRD, XRF techniques).


All models are rated for continuous operations and utilize aircooling. All units can be configured for digital (RS-232), or analog interfaces.


Various models can be UL and FDA certified at customer request


100kV Sourceblock

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