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Photon Selector + IPL System

SELECTOR + - The most versatile multi-Pulse Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) unit on the market.

Its new, variable intense pulsed light (IPL) technology lets you perform hair removal, antiaging and acne treatments quickly, safely and effectively. Its compact, portable design - together with its great utility - make it the most accredited and portable intense pulsed light unit available.

Its high-energy pulsed light system allows the unit to work at elevated energy densities, ensuring exceptional results with each of its applicators. SELECTOR+ comes with a 25,000-shot hair removal applicator and is available with an optional 10,000-shot antiaging applicator.

SELECTOR+ has been tested clinically for permanent removal of all types of hair on different body areas. The unit's tremendous flexibility in the adjustment of its operating parameters enables it to handle the variety of hair types (in terms of thickness, colour and follice depth) very effectively in different skin types.

 SELECTOR+ emits brief light pulses in a controlled manner, without overexposing the skin to unnecessary energy. The multi-pulse technology prevents side effects, as both the sensations in and the effect on the adjoining skin are minimal due to the difference in the cooling and absorption coefficients.

Floor Standing Multi-Pulse IPL System
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