Laser and Intense Pulsed Light Power Supplies

Power Conversion Technology has a wealth of experience in the design and manufacture of laser power supplies for the medical, cosmetic and industrial markets and can supply both standard and custom power supplies for the following types of lasers:

  • CO²
  • Nd:Yag
  • Pulsed Dye
  • Diode
  • Ruby
  • Alexandrite


We have developed many different products for pulsed power applications and can supply basic capacitor chargers, simmer modules to complex multi pulse IGBT controlled systems for use in applications such as "intense pulsed light" systems.

Our standard designs include PFC topology for worldwide use, designs to meet IEC 60601, embedded software for micro-processor control and low voltage auxiliary supplies.



OEM CO2 Laser Power Supplies
300W & 700W Modular power supplies for use in industrial and medical CO2 laser systems
Adobe Acrobat document [2.0 MB]
300j/s capacitor Charger with PFC
OEM Capacitor charging module with PFC and 24V aux output for use in laser and IPL systems.
Specification for 300js Cap Charger.pdf
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Multi-Pulse Systems using IGBT Technology

Infinate control over the pulse duration is possible by running the lamp under simmer and using a high power, high current, high

voltage IGBT to control lamp pulsing over a wide range of pulse durations.


The lamp is triggered using conventional series or external

trigger techniques. Simmer current is normally in the range 100 - 200mA


As control of pulseduration does not require inductance, external trigger can be used possibly by applying the high voltage trigger pulse directly to the cavity which is suitably insulated from ground.

Note the use of floating simmer supply.


Energy storage capacitors are electrolytic with voltages

typically 300-600 volts. This lamp control technique is frequently

used in high average power solid state laser systems and Intense Pulsed Light applications in the medical and cosmetic markets.

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